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A number of factors can cause excessive hair loss. Hair loss may occur if male or female hormones known as androgen and estrogen are out of balance. Correcting the hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss. Some medications can also contribute to the problem. This type of hair loss improves when you stop taking it. Certain infections can cause hair loss as well.

Traction Alopecia Common Among Women

Common baldness usually means male pattern baldness. It’s also called androgenic-alopecia. Male pattern baldness is the most common cause hair loss for men. Women may develop female pattern baldness. If you wear pigtails or cornrows or use tight hair rollers, they can cause traction alopecia. If the pulling is stopped before scarring of the scalp develops, your hair will grow back normally. However, scarring can cause permanent hair loss.

Treatments are Available

Depending on your type of hair loss, treatments are available. If the medication is causing your hair loss, your doctor may be able to prescribe a different one. Recognizing and treating an infection may help stop hair loss. Correcting a hormone imbalance may prevent further hair loss.

Medication may Slow or Prevent Common Baldness

Medicines may also help slow or prevent the development of common baldness. One medicine, minoxidil, is available without prescription. It is applied to the scalp. Both men and women can use it. Another medicine, finasteride, is available with a prescription. It comes in pills and is only for men. It may take up to 6 months before you can tell if one of these medicines is working.

Hair Assurance has Solutions for You

If adequate treatment is not available for your type of hair loss, you may consider more cosmetic solutions, from daily temporary options to non-surgical hair systems or hair transplant surgery. This is where Hair Assurance can help you in dealing with your hair loss.

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